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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why do mosquitoes bite?

No doubt, there is nothing more annoying that a mosquito buzzing us around during the night...
Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes bite more to you? Surely you've already heard a thousand reasons, among which is, obviously, that it is the "sweetness of your blood".

However, recent studies have shown what are the real reasons why these pesky insectitos not leave you in peace, do you want to know them?
You itch if...
Sweat: did you know that when you sweat, your body is filled with salt and humidity? This, in short, is one of the most attractive things for mosquitoes.
Not bathing: Messier between your body, is more will attract these annoying insectitos.
Breathing: When we breathe, our body emits carbon dioxide (CO2), and it is precisely this that makes that mosquitoes will detect that there is "blood fresh' to suck.
Movement: As all predators on the planet, the mosquito is also easier to identify his victim with the same movement.
Use perfumes: especially those with smells sweet or floral, since these scents attract mosquitoes.
Wear dark colors: according to Japanese research, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, especially red and black.
Body temperature: these small insects are always looking for heat, so if you have heat or your body has a high temperature is more attractive for them.
Foot odor: Although seems to us a bad smell, the mosquito is something that attracts them strongly.
Food: This is also one of the factors influential in mosquito bites, and especially foods such as cheese or beer are catalysts to attract mosquitoes.
Creams: Some creams contain compounds such as lactic acid that tends to attract mosquitoes.

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