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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tips for combining dresses stockings

Do you like pantyhose but do not know how to combine them with dresses? Do not worry, today we want to share with you some tips to learn to combine stockings with your dresses.

- Means with dress in summer: In the warm seasons the pantyhose are not fashionable, but remember that if you need to attend an event of a summer evening dress in which cold can wear thin stockings or skin colored vanilla tone bright.

- Means with winter dress: This is the perfect season to wear pantyhose, because they give us the opportunity to wear a short dress without getting cold and look fashionable. In this case you should not wear a super thick pantyhose, tights opt for a blend with the dress you wear.

- Means with mini dresses: For this occasion opt for a light in dark tone averages preferably black, opaque and without details.

- Means with day dresses: If you are in summer wearing thin stockings and smooth skin or flesh tone opaque, but if you're in autumn season advantage stockings dress candles with designs and looks all you want.

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